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November 2022 Training Day, Mock Trial with UKC TAN and WRT tests.

Come join the Carolinas EBGDC for our Fall Training Day at the Blue Horizon Quail Preserve near Franklinville, NC. 


All pointing dog breeds are welcome at this event where Lost Highway Kennels Proprietor and Dog Trainer Grayson Guyer will teach us about Training our bird dogs from Puppies to Finished Dogs. 


The session is lecture, hands-on demonstrations and field work in the morning. We'll have a little lunch then run a mock trial so participants can get a feel for what its like to run in a real UKC Walking Trial. 


We'll also have an opportunity for UKC registered dogs to earn a TAN and/or WRT. (The TAN/WRT events are open to all UKC registered pointing breeds.)

Click on the button below to view more information and registration forms.  See you in November!


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